What Is Trylagen PCB?

A unique combination of active peptides and proteins is the Trylagen PCB. It helps to combat the processes that are responsible for affecting the quality and the quantity of collagen especially when the aging process commences. It’s vital functionality towards the collagen is as follows:

  • It helps to boost the collagen production in the skin. As the process of aging commences, the production of collagen gradually begins to decline. The active ingredient namely Trylagen PCB helps to boost the production of collagen in the skin. This collagen is of three types which are I, III & IV. It helps to compensate for the reduced collagen productions as the aging process takes place.
  • It helps to collagen organization process. The process of fibrillogenesis is the cause of the formation of the collagen bundles which are responsible for bringing about the strength and resiliency to the skin. Trylagen PCB is responsible for controlling the fibril dimensions by creating a uniformity to the diameter and spacing them regularly. This also helps to provide better cohesion and stabilization of the collagen fibers thus helps the skin to get supple and elastic.
  • It works well to protect the collagen. As the aging process continues in the body, the depletion of collagen process takes place at a faster pace. This is because of the increase in MMP (matrix metalloproteinases) levels. A specific type of MMP is also called as Collagenases which is a cleave febrillar collagen converted into smaller fragments, which are further susceptible to further proteolysis. Trylagen PCB prevents the production of MMP-2 and MMP-3, thus avoiding the excessive collagen from being damaged as you age. It contains an anti-collagenase activity that protects the collagen from degradation.
  • Furthermore, to the enzymatic degradation, there is another process which is responsible for causing damages to the collagen which is Glycation. This is a reaction between the protein and the sugar of the body and takes place on the skin. Sugar act as a gluing aging and responsible for making the proteins stick together. As the Glycation process affects the collagen fibers, it makes the skin lose the flexibility and elasticity. Trylagen PCB has properties that help to prevent the Glycation process thus avoiding the formation of Advance Glycation End products. Trylagen PCB helps to protect the skin from loss of elasticity.

Trylagen PCB

What Are The Vital Roles Of Trylagen PCB?

Trylagen PCB plays a vital role at 3 different stages of the collagen:

  • Synthesis
  • Formation
  • Degradation

There are multiple skin care benefits of Trylagen PCB. Therefore, it is an in demand in the skin care and beauty industry. A product that contains Trylagen PCB helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles around the eye region. It also helps the overall improvement with regards to the quality of skin by boosting the quantity of collagen.

Defi Skincare is an anti aging product that contains Trylagen PCB as one of its ingredients. On regular application of Defi Skincare, you will notice various signs of aging reducing from the skin. You may choose to try this skin care product and enjoy the benefits of a youthful skin even as you age.

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What Is Trylagen PCB?
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