The open enrollment process for medicare supplement plans

When you decide to care about your Medicare Supplement plans, then open enrollment period is the best time to purchase this facility from your chosen insurance provider. Your enrollment period will be individual and person basis for each supplement plan. One thing you must know about this facility that there is no requirement of medical qualification, coverage waiting, paying high money for the existing or previous condition of your health. Professional says that open enrollment process proceeds federally and that is strictly maintained by every company.

When you can purchase?

AARP medicare advantage plan

For every people, individual enrollment Medicare Supplement plans starts from the time when a person turns to 65+. From that month’s first day, enrollment period starts and can his/her name in Medicare part B. remember, as a senior citizen you have to enrol your name within 6 months which starts on that particular day.  Suppose, your birthday is 14th July. For you, the enrollment period will start on 1st July on that same month and will be open for you up to December month. It means you will have 6 months in your hand to purchase medical supplement plans facility for you.

Important thing before enrollment  Keep your options so take a look at a AARP medicare advantage plan.  Go to for more details.

There is another thing for the people. Many medicare providers offer extension period of 6 months after your given timing of age 65+ and can get more extended open enrollment period under specified conditions before the before this open enrollment period is started. The company gives the opportunity for the people to register their name which will work after the period of part B. It will be effective on the first day of the month when you will turn 65. So, you can get 12 months for enrollment and there is no requirement of medical underwriting for medical supplement plans.

People may have group policy as health insurance. For them, the medicare part B must need to delay until the insurance coverage period is over. When there will be no running policy, you can go for open enrollment anytime possible for you.

How does this enrollment work?

One thing which makes the open enrollment policy easy for everyone that you will not be asked any medical questions, there will not any medical test for you, there will be no discussion upon your health condition. This means there is no complexity in filling the application of medicare supplement plans and you will get your coverage on right time. The company can’t change the policy norms once any policy started.

So, enroll your name today and get the benefit of supplement plan as soon as possible.