Initially, there were no Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare was the only plan that was in operation. This was Part A and b where the copayments, Coinsurance and other deductibles were being catered for however the federal government collaborated with the private insurers and came up with other plans that could supplement Medicare part A and B and Medicare Advantage plans was incorporated.

One of the important issues to note is when choosing for the advantage plans, make sure that you have analysed the costs involved before settling on what you need.

medicare advantage plan 2019

Some of the main reasons why people enroll in Medicare Advantage plan 2019 at  were created were as a result of the below-defined factors;

  1. There was an increased cost of the original Medicare and Medigap plans whereby the copays, coinsurance and other required deductions increased as a result of inflation in the country. The premiums for these services increased on a monthly basis yet they were not offering services that could support as much as the advantage could do.

The plan was payable on a different premium and services offered were extensive compared to the ones of the original Medicare.

  1. Challenges in budgeting for Medicare- Because of the increased costs of premium in Medicare which had not initially been budgeted for there was the necessity of creating the program which could help manage the high costs when they arise without going back to the pockets. When the Congress came up with this idea, and it was approved, private companies were therefore given an option of using it to help manage the situation which was much welcome to the seniors.
  2. Americans found out that the retirement income was being consumed on medical bills for the better part of it since Medicare could not offer services as the drug prescription, optical or dental coverage.
  3. When Medicare advantage plan was created, it came in to cover all these thereby reducing the medical costs that could be used by the seniors.


The government solved a major solution because it still offered part of the premiums that the private doctors needed during the assured period and made it easy for the seniors to access medical facilities with ease.

Seniors could only pay a low premium for themselves which was a definite indicator that they are recognized people in the society even after retirement.

Insurance companies made sure that this plan is widely known and any senior could access the available private doctors with ease which reduced the stress of knowing how a complicated medical issue could be solved.